Subscribing to CR7US.COM

When shopper's subscribe to CR7US.COM for free, they will be included in CR7US' newsletters providing special deals and information regarding the CR7 brand. Subscriber deals may also include a complimentary single use coupon, valid at CR7US.COM, provided at time of sign up and valid for a specified period. Customer's who sign up to CR7US' newsletters, may opt out at any time. New subscriber coupons generally exclude: clearance, overstock and bundles and may not be combined with other coupon codes. 

Dual to multiple sign-ups using a variety of email addresses and/or aliases in which product is shipping to the same mailing address and/or same buyer or in scenarios where coupons are being used in an unauthorized 3rd party seller scenario, is prohibited. In the event CR7US determines coupon fraud has occurred, intentionally or unintentionally, CR7US reserves the right to cancel order and/or all future orders related to subscriber. 

CR7US.COM, an independent retailer of CR7 Underwear | brand licensee JBS Textile Group A/S of Denmark, offers a variety of good faith coupons and sales opportunities to shoppers in the USA and Canada, throughout the year.