Preguntas frecuentes ships to customers in the contiguous United States and Canada. For more information see SHIPPING SCOPE & RESTRICTIONS
Visit the brand's global site at CR7UNDERWEAR.COM, buying guide menu, to determine retail options in your region. 
CR7 uses a variety of bamboo, organic cotton, natural and synthetic fibers, such as elastane, in our products. See individual product description for details.
Great quality and long-lasting products that have to be replaced less frequently, means less waste, less energy consumption and less pollution. Creating products with these high standards in material and manufacturing processes, is our sustainable choice. For CR7 Underwear, quality is not just about great craftsmanship, it is much more than that. A quality product must be durable, comfortable to wear, made with the best and most sustainable materials possible. It must be made with respect for people and the environment involved in production, as well as the eventual buyer, and made without the use of toxic chemicals. That is the quality-first mindset of CR7 Underwear. See our SUSTAINABILITY page, for more information. 
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CR7US products are available online at Select products are also available at and certain Macy's brick & mortar stores nationally. Select products are also available in-store at Pelé Soccer locations, in NYC and Orlando, as well as a variety of independently owned retail stores in Canada and the USA. U.S. consumers can also purchase a variety of CR7 underwear products at our official CR7 Underwear stores on