Frequently Asked Questions ships to the contiguous United States and Canada. Shipping fees apply for shipments to Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and outlying islands and territories. Shipments to Canada exclude duties and taxes which may be applicable by the government of Canada based on value, at time of entry. Purchaser shall be responsible for any related Canadian duty and tax fees which may be assessed, upon arrival. CBSA thresholds for small package duty and tax assessment can be found by visiting and related pages. 
CR7US ships to US and Canadian locations at the moment, but the brand is expanding rapidly around the globe. We hope to be in a location near you very soon. See our 'Where to Buy' page for information on where CR7 Underwear and Loungewear products are sold, globally. 
CR7 uses a variety of bamboo, organic cotton, natural and synthetic fibers, such as elastane, in our products. See individual product description for details.
Great quality and long-lasting products that has to be replaced less frequently, means less waste, less energy consumption and less pollution, and are therefore the more sustainable choice. For us, quality is not just about great craftsmanship. It is much more than that. A quality product must be long-lasting, it must be comfortable to wear, it must be made with the best and most sustainable materials possible, it must be made with respect for people and the environment, and it must be made without the use of toxic chemicals. That is the quality-first mindset of CR7US. See CR7's Eco-Commitment page, for more information. 
Yes, check back periodically or subscribe to our mailing list as CR7US’ collections will be expanding in the year ahead.
CR7US products are available online at Select products are also available at, many Macy's brick & mortar stores nationally and a variety of retail stores in Canada and the USA. See our Where to Buy page, for more details.