Cancelled Orders

An order may be cancelled if:

1) Item(s) has gone out of stock.

2) Shipping address provided on order is not recognized by shipping services. CR7US fulfillment may attempt to secure clarified shipping information from customer prior to order cancellation.

3) A change of billing or delivery is requested by customer after transaction is concluded. CR7US is unable to edit order details related to billing and/or shipping. Orders will be cancelled and refunded after which customer may re-purchase with accurate information. 

4) Delivery location is a commercial facility, 3rd party logistics or parcel consolidation service. See SHIPPING SCOPE & RESTRICTIONS.

5) Order is flagged by CR7US' 3rd party fraud protect service and/or follows fraudulent behaviors.

6) Orders in which bulk sale and clearance items are purchased and/or repetitive purchases are made may be flagged and terminated at CR7US' discretion. CR7US.COM/LMS Inc. is the sole licensed distributor for CR7 Underwear in North America. Products sold on CR7US.COM are prohibited for resale. CR7 Underwear reserves the right to cancel retail orders that are believed to be intended for unauthorized resale and/or are believed to be fraudulent. Wholesale inquires for legally incorporated retail stores may be sent to Sales@CR7US.COM for consideration.