CR7's manufacturer, JBS Textile Group A/S, has been CSR and sustainability focused for years, ensuring that the company's products are manufactured with respect for people and our environment.

JBS factories for some time have been GOTS-certified and much of their cotton and wool certified-organic. With an increasing demand for bamboo clothing, JBS secured an FSC certification for their bamboo products, in 2021. JBS Textile Group A/S is the first manufacturer in the world to produce a series of bamboo underwear where not only are the raw material is FSC-certified, but the entire supply chain; from bamboo plantation, viscose extraction, spinning, knitting and finished underwear production.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified: wood and paper derived products bearing the FSC label are sourced from responsibly managed forests. This certification ensures that involved forestry operations support long-term ecological, social, and economic objectives by adherence to sustainable forest management standards. FSC certified products carry this label.

FSC certification guarantees that our bamboo comes from a plantation where the only bamboo that is felled is bamboo that the plantation can reproduce. In addition, the certification ensures that animals and plant life are protected, and proper conditions are in place for the people working on the plantation. The FSC certification therefore enables CR7 to claim that our bamboo is grown responsibly and sustainably.





Responsible Production

Not only does CR7's raw bamboo material originate from sustainable FSC forestry, the entire process of extracting the viscose takes place in a closed-loop system where water and chemicals are repeatedly recycled and reused resulting in lower resource consumption and a reduced environmental impact.

Our Bamboo 

CR7 men's bamboo trunks contains a carefully measured blend of 65% bamboo viscose, 30% cotton and 5% elastane... a combination that yields incredibly soft, luxurious and strong underwear.

Organic Cotton

CR7's men's organic cotton trunks are made from 95% certified-organic cotton and 5% elastane. Due to supply and demand for organic cotton, a portion of CR7 men's cotton blend underwear may be produced with non-organic, all natural cotton. See product tags for details.


CR7 uses FSC-certified paper materials for the majority of our retail packaging. Some travel bags and plastic packaging, are not FSC-certified. 

CR7 is committed to producing quality made, earth friendly products for our Cristiano Ronaldo fans and discerning CR7 customers. The official CR7 tag means you've purchased a handsomely designed garment promising top performance and longevity. For more information regarding CR7's eco-friendly methods and products, contact