Additional Information

Declined Returns:
To avoid a situation of a declined return, see RETURN EXCLUSIONS before requesting a return or mailing your return. Submit any questions you might have to Hello@CR7US.COM.

Returned items that areย deemed ineligible for refund or exchange, as products will likewise be ineligible for re-sale by independent retailer CR7US.COM, or items returned outside of the maximum return window, may be repurchased by customer for ($0) but will be subject to:

Processing Fee [USA orders] usd7.00 [Canadian orders] usd28.00
Re-handling Fee $4.00
Standard Shipping Feeย - Amount paid on original order. In cases where free shipping applied on initial USA order, a shippingย fee of usd9.95 will be billed.

Shipping charges paid at time of original order are non-refundable.

Customer will be given 10 business days from notification of ineligibility or declined return to request re-shipment of their previously purchased item.ย If so requested, an invoice will be issued and customer will have an additional 10 business days to settle from date of emailed invoice link, after which original product will be re-shipped. If either of the 10 day windows outlined above are exceeded, reprocessing option will be voided and order concluded. Any deviations from this policy shall be at CR7USโ€™ sole discretion.